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I like it a lot I need more

Amazing Product

The hair growth oil is a must in my house. I use it on myself and my kids. Excellent excellent!!

Thanks again

Light. Aromatic. Perfect for my hair. Thank you.


Great company keep up the good work.

First time customer

It’s nourishing, stops the itch, and promotes growth! I’ve been using for two weeks and can already tell a difference in my new growth! You get so much product for the price!!

Great product

I purchased this product a month ago for my daughters hair. I am extremely impressed with the results and I will recommend it

It was a gd product i need to purchase another bottle

It really works !!

I used this oil while having in a protective style and I saw the difference in length and moisture. Definitely a must have !!!

Hair Growth Oil

Happy Nappy

For years I struggled with dryness. Since using this oil, my hair is retaining its moisture and it feels amazingly soft. My hair isn’t greasy and after twisting my hair, it shines. I’ve noticed some growth after 2 weeks!


My husband used it 3 times already and I see hair growing out on his beard and the spot that's growing he had an hard time getting hair to grow rite there

Amazing Oil

From the easy application with the dropper to the smell, I love it. My scalp feels so nourished and it doesn’t wear my hair down ! 10/10
More products please🤗

I love it

Amazing beard butter

Very moisturizing. I apply this after the beard butter and it leaves my beard smooth and shiny. Makes it much easier to comb through.

Smells great

This Hair Growth Oil smells natural, doesn’t have a harsh scent. It’s been 3 weeks and I’ve seen growth already. Recommend it for someone looking for a natural remedy for hair growth.

Would recommend

I apply it twice a day and I’ve already seen a difference. It’s not too heavy and it leaves my beard soft.

Best Hair Growth Oil

So happy I made this purchase. This oil feels great on my kids hair and on my scalp.
Team Sun Absorbed!!

Hair Growth Oil

Best Beard Oil

This oil leaves my beard feeling soft and full. Sun Absorbed beard oil gave me the beard confidence that I needed. Thanks Sun Absorbed!!

Natural Hair Care

Say Yes to the smell good Oil .. every night ritual oil, satin cap, sleep glow in the A.M.

Thank you Sun Absorbed

Hair growth oil

I washed my hair the day I got the product did my regular routine and added the hair growth oil. So far so good. My hair is still moisturized and not dull at all. Also it smells really good not over powering at all . Really can't wait to finish my bottle and see the results

Endless Growth

This oil is unbelievable. I’ve noticed the growth in my hair in just a very small amount of time. If you need that boost for hair growth this is the oil for you!!!

Best natural product

This is the best moisturizer that I’ve used in my beard. It always leave my beard feeling so soft and nice. I’ve been looking around for the best products to use and after seeing how sun absorbed has worked for me I’m done looking. Thanks sun absorbed!!!

hair oil

this product is amazing !

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